Dziewczynki bawiące się w śniegu podczas ferii zimowych.

Give a Vacation to Children from Orphanages — Winter 2024

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Crunching snow, rosy cheeks, and the dazzling glare of the sun reflecting off the snow. Snowball fights, building snowmen, and dizzying speeds on sleds, snowboards, or skis! The thrill of snow activities is incomparable!

Let’s give the dream winter vacation to children from orphanages and foster families!

Every child deserves a white, fun-filled holiday with winter sports, challenges, and unique adventures.

The #PodarujWakacje Winter 2024 campaign is an opportunity for these children to try their hand at winter sports. Who knows, maybe among them is the next Adam Małysz, Wojtek Pawlusiak, or Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel. Somewhere, you have to catch the bug for winter sports – help us give them this chance!

Our campaign is the only opportunity for these children to spend carefree winter holidays.

So far, thanks to you, we have managed to collect over 500,000 zł and send more than 560 children on unique holidays and vacations! Now, with your support and belief in the project, we aim higher and further. We want to provide children in foster care with special winter holidays once again. Together we can make it happen!

During the second edition of #PodarujWakacje in Winter, two camps will be held:

  • Snowboard camp in Szczyrk – where under the guidance of coaches and sports champions, 20 children will learn to snowboard – who knows, maybe they will catch the bug and one day they will be athletes or instructors? 😀
  • Winter camp in Jagniątków – between Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz – where 50 children will participate in:
    • Sports activities (swimming pool, general development, two days on the slopes, walks, expeditions),
    • Educational activities (workshops, meetings, sightseeing),
    • And simply the best fun 😀 (sleigh rides, board games, disco, bingo, or movie night).

Why is the #PodarujWakacje campaign special?

  • Every child deserves a vacation, especially those in foster care affected by life’s hardships. By helping them, we invest in our future society.
  • #PodarujWakacje is a fishing rod, thanks to which children acquire competencies that will help them better cope emotionally, socially, and professionally in the future.
  • The trips help children build self-esteem and prevent exclusion. For once, children can feel special for positive reasons!
  • Meeting extraordinary people, children have the chance to be inspired, gain motivation, develop new passions, and see new professional perspectives and development paths.

We believe that organizing a camp – although it may seem like a drop in the ocean of needs of children from orphanages and foster care – can genuinely broaden their horizons and become a significant step forward in their lives.

Such a trip is not only a holiday or winter adventure, a time of rest and carefreeness. It’s about new opportunities, challenges, learning and education, shaping proper attitudes, acquiring new competencies and honing skills, finding solutions, and exploring the world. That’s why we attach so much importance to a rich program of activities, training, and creative use of free time – without faces buried in phones, but with a range of new experiences and challenges.

Participants of both camps will have three to five blocks of activities each day. Thanks to such a schedule, we teach them the importance of managing their time, work on behavioral addictions (i.e., free from phones!) and do not allow boredom. The prepared program points are designed to spark curiosity and leave a certain longing, which after returning from the camp may turn into a new passion or hobby.

#PodarujWakacje is also a unique camp due to its staff. Compared to other commercial camps, we have almost twice as many staff and instructors available to the children. We also take a psychologist with us on this trip – to ensure that the children feel exceptionally cared for, to quell conflicts as quickly as possible, to notice problems, and to positively stimulate integration.

Who’s behind this?

The To się uda Foundation, established by the portal, has been conducting charity campaigns since 2020, including: Podaruj Wakacje, Razem dla Ukrainy, and Bezpieczne KobieTY. The foundation was created to change the world for the better and ensure that empathy and mutual support are key values. Its foundation is the belief that by combining forces and resources, any goal can be achieved.

From the very beginning, the To się uda! Foundation joined forces with the Akara Foundation (organizer of the Survival Race obstacle run and Survival Race Camp camps) and the Przystanek Rodzina Foundation, which is a social partner of the campaign. The camp organizer Gioko, with whom we will spend two great trips, joined us! Together, we take care of the transparency and reliability of fundraising, organizing trips for children at the highest level, and perfecting the entire program. We recruit a qualified team of educators, organize logistics, and prepare a diverse trip plan based on four pillars: sport, survival, fun, and education.

The more we can collect as part of the fundraiser, the more attractions we can provide for the beneficiaries. Help bring smiles to the faces of even more children!