Dzieci z ZOL w Jaszkotlu.

Support the House Full of Hope — Join Us!

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The character of Jaszkotle is best captured by the words of the first verse of Ania Wyszkoni’s song. So please listen to it, see these children, feel the atmosphere of this place – we guarantee it will brighten your day!

There is such a House on the outskirts,
where the pulse of tired cities slows.
There in little hearts dwells peace,
brought by the messengers of the stars.
There is such a House full of hope,
that goodness in us will overcome fear.
And day by day will change for the better,
all that has lost its meaning.

Our friends from ZOL Jaszkotle prove to the children every day that they are #Chciane and very loved! No diseases, difficult experiences, or visible disabilities are barriers to the love that the little wards are surrounded with every day for 30 years!

This is not the first time that the To się uda! Foundation wants to support ZOL in Jaszkotle. However, this time is special! Let’s make a big gift for the little patients and complete the renovation of the rehabilitation rooms!

ZOL Jaszkotle is more than a “facility” or “hospital” that comes to mind at the sound of this word. It is a safe haven for all little rejected beings who wholeheartedly desire the simplest love. It’s hands that hug, ears that listen, and lips constantly telling the children that they are beautiful, valuable, and loved, despite the cruel fate they have encountered. Here, a sparkle reignites in wide-open eyes, smiles bloom anew on faces, and fear and anger fall away, revealing warm hearts eager to share the greatest gift – unconditional, childlike love.

For 30 years, these walls have seen thousands of moving stories. Here children grow up, blossom, and after many years of struggle, they win independence. Here their self-esteem grows. Here they discover their talents, face limitations, and overcome walls that were once insurmountable.

Here… we can do even more!

Together with the wonderful ambassador of ZOL, Ania Wyszkoni, we appeal to your hearts once again. We want to give the staff and wards of ZOL a gift they will remember for at least the next 30 years! We want to complete the renovation of the rehabilitation rooms and thereby provide the ZOL staff with independence and the children with the best possible conditions to fight for health. Besides the renovation and equipment of the rooms, we have a few additional goals – these include:

  • Rehabilitative equipment, including a treadmill, standing frames, rotors, electrotherapy devices, Solux lamps, lasers, parapion, electric stairs, dynamic orthosis, Bioptron lamps, Lumina lamps, ultrasound therapy, ionophoresis, and electrophoresis devices;
  • Specialist diagnostics for children that cannot be performed on-site.

Let’s make a meaningful gift to the team in Jaszkotle, one that will last for years! Flowers will wither, children will grow up, the staff will change, but the memory of those who honored the 30th anniversary of ZOL by improving the quality of life of its wards will remain in these walls forever. Become one of them today – love the children who once thought no one would ever hug them again.

From small bricks, we want to build something great – no contribution is too small.